Thursday, March 03, 2011

BODHISATTVA re-offered

In 2004 I published my first graphic novel BODHISATTVA. My next big project THE DRUDE will start appearing later this year. In the meantime, I have created a new Slip-Cover for BODHISATTVA. I always felt my original cover didn't serve the book well so 7 years later I am making it available with the cover I wish I had published with to begin with!

The cost is $15 postpaid and will come with some bonus comics.

The Story:

BODHISATTVA: One who willfully turns back from the very gates of Nirvana and returns to help all sentient beings reach enlightenment.

In San Francisco, there is a madman who sees into other dimensions, a hospital orderly whose karmic corruption makes him prey to dark powers, a middle-aged man from India unraveling under the guilt of having murdered his wife in a "cooking fire." What is it that links these men? Who is the mysterious Many-Eyed Man who appears to them to steer their lives on their appropriate karmic course?

More than three thousand years ago, in the Katmandu Valley, a group of religious mendicants is visited by the gods they worship: Brahma of the four faces; Kali, with her belt of human skulls; Hanuman, king of monkeys; and Ganesha, the elephant-headed Lord of Hosts. The young monks are taken in strange, colossal serpents of steel to the ruins of the ancient civilization of Harapa; and there they are transformed by the technology of the gods into beings more than merely human. But even the gods themselves have human liabilities, and Kali, goddess of destruction, plants a vile murderer among the mendicants. It is the legacy of this betrayal by Kali and her servant, Rahula, which plays out over the centuries and finally comes to a climax in modern day San Francisco.

The forces of good and evil, represented by Bodhi and Rahula, converge to battle in the present. Vengeance, disillusionment, karmic retribution, and trickery--these are the themes that play out in Bodhisattva.

Created, written and illustrated by Omaha Perez. Co-scripted by Richard Raleigh.

A bit of praise:

"Unique and boldly imaginative, BODHISATTVA is infinitely more enlightened

--and enlightening-- than the average fantasy graphic novel."

- Midwest Book Review

"Great fun...and a wonderful fusion of classic

Indian mythology and Kirbyesque cosmicness."

-J.M. DeMatteis