Saturday, February 06, 2010

Introducing Drude Studios

Hi there,

Many of you know me for me for my occasional Illustration or Comic Book work. For many years now I’ve offered all sorts of Art and Design services most of which I haven’t actively promoted until now. Last year I formed Drude Studios to encompass a wider range of work than what I am generally known for.

Drude Studios is me plus a host of talented Artists, Animators, Designers and Programmer friends – brought in on an as needed basis. Between us this talented crew has years of experience in the Advertising, Animation, Design, Comic Book, Technology, Video Game, and Web industries.

Services available include After Effects Animation, Character Design, eBlast Design and Coding, Flash Animation, Game Art and Production, Illustration (Digital and Traditional), Graphic Design, 3d Graphics and Animation, Vector Art, Web Banner Ads, and Websites (Design, Programming and Maintenance).

Please visit to view a large sampling of Projects. Please pass the link along to anyone who may need our services.

Thank you,


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