Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Last summer's big project

No, I wasn't working on the HOLMES sequel. My major project over this past summer was completely remodeling one of our two bathrooms. The Before pictures I will post below don't do it justice - this tiny bathroom was incredibly ugly. Wood paneling(!?!), mirrored panels on the ceiling, a lowered ceiling(!?!), ugly dated linoleum back splash, walls that had been repainted countless times. I did the remodel all on my own, with the exception of a helper to hang the fresh drywall and a plumber... I did all the demo, all the stone cutting and setting, painting, etc.

When I first pulled a couple of the wood panels off the ceiling I found a nice bit of duct tape covering a fist size hole. The project quickly became a full on demo. I had the plumber pull out the old fixtures - this is the original bathroom from the 50 year old (front) portion of the house. He immediately found the toilet seal was completely dissolving and recommended I destroy the cast iron tub (which I had intended to keep and have refinished) so we could see how the trap underneath was holding up.

So I had a little fun destroying the tub with a sledgehammer and sure enough, the trap under the tub was disintegrating. A little further investigation showed this bathroom, unlike the newer bathroom in the back, was still running on the original iron pipes. I wasn't surprised as we'd had water flow issues the entire five years we'd been in the house. This of course necessitated some repiping. The plumber was able to delete the old line and run new copper up through the attic. An expensive detour but now the house is truly all copper and no more water flow problems!

There were all sorts of delays along the way... sick kids, my credit card being frozen because of the large number of purchases at Home Depot, defective products, etc.... Anyway, I did the back splash and the floor in Travertine stone, and painted the walls in a kind of sea foam color.

I'm proud to say, when the plumber came back he told me it was the best DIY job he'd ever seen and offered to bring me in on some remodel jobs. We'll see if he ever calls (I definitely prefer cutting stone to cg work!), but it sure was nice to hear. Here are the "Before" and mid-demo photos.



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