Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Stooges on Iggy's birthday, 4/21/07

Photo credit: R. Galbraith/Reuters

So I know this is a little late, but I was lucky enough to catch The Stooges at The Warfield in San Francisco last Saturday, the 21st - Iggy's 60th birthday no less! I had last seen them in November of 2003 headlining the All Tomorrow's Parties festival at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, they blew me away that first time and did it again this time.

As with the 'o3 show Iggy and the Asheton brothers were joined by Mike Watt on bass and the original sax player from Fun House Steve Mackay. I found this set list online and I think this is accurate:
1.loose 2.down on the street 3.I wanna be your dog eye idea of fun 6.dirt 7.real cool time fun 9.1970 10.mindroom house 12.l.a. blues 13.skull ring 14.trollin' 15.1969 16.she took my money 17.not right 18.I'm fried 19.little electric chair

I felt bad for Iggy's roadie/personal security during "No Fun" - Iggy invited the crowd on stage and so there was literally a stage full of rowdy Stooges fans dancing and singing along. The poor roadie was doing his best to keep himself between Iggy and this unruly lot - most of them just wanted to give Iggy a hug but you never know I guess. Iggy kept having the lights turned on the audience so he could see the crowd and wave. He's really appreciative of his audience. He seemed genuinely touched when the audience sang, "Happy Birthday."

As always Iggy never stopped moving the entire 90 minute set. I don't exactly know why he's so entertaining to watch but you really can't take your eyes off of him. Maybe part of it is you never really know what he's going to do from one moment to the next. After the show, I saw a friend who said, "Only 90 minutes? Ah, that's where he's showing his age." To which I had to respond, "Neither you nor I could do what he just did for 90 minutes straight."

The band for lack of a better phrase, kicked ass! I could feel Mike Watt's bass rumbling through my feet and Scott Asheton and Ron Asheton were playing at their primal best. The tracks Steve Mackay played on reminded me how unique an album Fun House is. Primal hard rock meets free jazz... mindblowing! Let me just conclude by saying if you get the chance to see The Stooges, do not miss it!


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