Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"Daddy, there's a snake in my boot!"

This weekend we bought Lennon a (Toy Story) Woody doll complete with the pull string sound chip. As he was about to fall asleep in the stroller Saturday he was pulling Woody's string and repeating Woody's lines. He got quiet for a couple minutes, I thought he might be drifting off, then he said, "Daddy.., there's a snake in my boot!"

This morning (Tuesday) I was taking Lennon in to see the pediatrician (nothing more serious than a painful canker sore - but man, is he letting us know he's uncomfortable!). I was getting the diaper bag ready and I asked him to bring me two pull-ups from the cabinet. He came back in the room with 5. I said, oh, ok. Then I asked him to get his sippy cup from his room, this time he came back with a big stack of about 15 night-time pull-ups. I said, "I asked for your sippy cup, what's this?" So naturally he threw the pull-ups all over the living room. I told him to pick them up and bring them back to the cabinet, which he did (so I thought) in about 5 trips. When we got home from the doctors, this is what I found. That's my boy!


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