Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Girl v. Boy

We've lucked out and are expecting a little girl to join our rowdy little (well, not so little) boy. Here's the latest ultrasound photo. If you turn your head to the left you should be able to make out the nose, lips and chin pretty clearly. And for your added entertainment here's a photo of an unsuspecting Lennon from his birthday last month.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

30 pages to go...

Happy New Years everyone. So nice to see that my Blog is still so buggy. I checked my replacement blog and that one's messed up too. I may have to migrate this away from Blogger...

As CG work takes up most of my work-time it's been really nice to hear people actually care about my comics. A couple of recent incidents reinforce this. Last week the manager of my local comic shop (The Comic Bug, Manhattan Beach, CA) called and said, "Omaha, I have an irate Holmes fan here..." And put me on the phone with a woman saying, "Hello, when's the next issue of HOLMES coming out?!?" The second incident was an email from a reporter from the local community paper, The Easy Reader, saying that his boss liked HOLMES so much he'd serialize it in the paper if I wanted to.

So, as I told this fan, there will be no HOLMES #2. There will be, however, a 96 page HOLMES trade paperback collecting the first issue (complete with art fixes) and what would have been issues 2 - 4. "Issue 2" is done, I'm half-way through what would have been #3. I've got a total of 30 pages left to pencil and ink. Also, most likely the book will be published by a different publisher. The realities of the Direct Market make self-publishing too difficult to continue. And I don't expect to serialize HOLMES in the Easy Reader. I'm sure there's far too much "objectionable" content for it to be published by a community paper.

Here's a recently inked page... More soon.